Sunita Teckchand (Sunita Teckchand)

Principal Tutor of IFPA curriculum Clinical Aromatherapy
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Graduated in Clinical Aromatherapy 25 years ago and practice as an Integrated Holistic Therapist till today, together with teaching the IFPA curriculum in Clinical Aromatherapy syllabus. I have studied other sciences in the Alternative medicine field like Kinesiology (Touch for Health), Clinical Hypnotherapy (Dr. Brian Weiss), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, The Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Clinical Reflexology, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and more.
The more I applied the fundamentals of natural therapies, the more I was convinced of their powerful effects it had on me and my clients. Natural therapies are not new they have been around for thousands of years. I am truly passionate about these theories and I have seen that they do bring miracles in people's lives. I am so excited to share this knowledge and skill that will trigger your innate ability to heal, maintain good health and bring you everything you want in life
If you like me have a passion of healing and want to embark on a rewarding life journey to help yourself and others. I personally invite you to come and join me to add value to your skills.
6 hours
Aromatherapy for Pain Management
USD 14
12 hours
The Art of Blending Essential Oils
USD 23
8 hours