The Holistic Alternatives (RAK) Free Zone LLC is a training facility offering high standards of training in Professional Aromatherapy accredited by The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapist - England (IFPA)

Since 2010 we have gained an International recognition teaching Clinical Aromatherapy and Alternative therapies with many graduates working today in their own successful businesses.

Our Diploma course is a highly comprehensive program, mixed with a blend of science and the holistic approach to alternative medicine. It is designed to offer students to study at their own pace with complete support from our facility. In addition this program serves as a professional training resource for those students who would like to pursue a career in expanding their essential oil product knowledge, and open their own health care centres.

As a student you can be rest assured that we offer our Aromatherapy Diploma with scientific backed research, which includes the biology and chemistry of essential oils and their safety. Students will study 66 essential oils in detail with their chemo-types, therapeutic uses as well as their spiritual and psychological effects. Students will also study in great detail 20 base oils and 5 macerated oils and creams.